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MSDSL is a 2-wire high-performance self-learing long-range G.SHDSL modem with E1 or V.35/V.24 interface. E1 port can support BNC/75ohm and RJ45/120ohm optional.

MSDSL Series is a high quality and good performance modem with standard E1 or V.35/V.24 interface integrated. Its transmission distance 4Km via 2-wire at 2304Kbps.MSDSL is designed with TC-PAM16 code according to ITU G.991.2 and ITU G.994.1,which can improve the transmission performance and economize resource.Low operating cost, simple manipulation,convenient use,it is the best solution for the customers.

*Comply with ITU G.SHDSL standard 2-wire 2304Kbps MSDSL modem
*3.5km-9.7km transmitting distance in copper  lines with 24AWG(0.5mm) and 26 AW (0.4mm)
*For data interface: V.35,V.24/RS232 and E1/G.703 optional, Rate support:N*64Kbps(1≤N≤36)
*Not need to be set rate of slave modem, It follows the rate of  master modem automatically. So it can carry out the administration of the remote equipments in networks *Comprehensive LED indicators on front panel,convenient for the diagnosis of equipment working state
*High-powered TC-PAM line coding technique 
*Low operating cost, simple manipulation, convenient use,
*Provide analog and digital loopback test
*Support Stand-Alone and Rock-Mount type optinal
*16-slots,elaborate cooling design and two redundant power supply
*-48V DC & 220V AC power supply optional

Line interface
Transmission rate: N*64Kbps+8Kbps(N=1~36)
Line coding:TC-PAM16
Line impedance: 135ohm
Signal electrical level: +13.5 ±0.5dBM
Line wire interface: a pair of passive twisted pair, RJ45
Code error rate: ≤10-9
Transmission distance without repeater: 3.5~7.2Km(26AWG~22AWG)

Data interface 1 (E1 interface)
Comply with ITU G.703,G.704,G.706,G.823
Code type:HDB3
Impedance:75ohm unbalanced & 120ohm balanced optional
Physical connector:BNC coaxical  for unbalanced 
                                   RJ45 twisted pair for balanced

Data interface 2 (V.35 ,V.24/RS232)
Comply with V.35,V.24/RS232 standard
Physical connector :DB25 female jack,V.35 via external adapter
Transmission rate: N*64Kbps(N=1~36);V.24(64K; 128K;)
Work mode: DCE

Power supply
AC power:220V±10%,50Hz
DC power:-48V(optional)

Temperature: 0~ +40 ℃
Humidity: 0~95% RH

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